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First Taekwondo WA - Master Isntructor Vernon Low
First Tae Kwon Do - Master Vernon Low sidekick 1970s

Master Instructor Vernon Low


Master Vernon Low first started Taekwondo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the early ’60s. Before leaving for Australia Master Low instructed in two public centres, two private schools, and a high school. Upon arrival in Adelaide in the late sixties he started public classes in the YMCA along with a College and a High School. Master Low was the first instructor to introduce Taekwondo to South Australia and made it the most popular martial art today.

Subsequently, he commenced instructing at the Adelaide University and soon he had training centres throughout South Australia. Master Low also conducted classes at the Woodside Army Camp and the Edinburgh Air Base.

With almost 60 years of promoting Taekwondo and a great wealth of teaching experience, his tireless dedication is still ever-present. He continues to impart his knowledge to all his members and Instructors. His unending enthusiasm and desire to reach higher standards in the pursuit of excellence will greatly benefit all members nationwide.

Master Vernon Low - running jump back kick
Master Vernon Flying Side kick over 6
Master Instructor Vernon Low
First Taekwon-do Perth WA - Master Venon Low flying side kick 1970s
First TaeKwonDo Perth Western Australia AB_05498.JPG
First TaeKwonDo Perth Master Low
First Taekwondo Martial Arts Perth WA
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