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First Tae Kwon Do is a non-competitive, traditional martial art as such it extends further than just a system of Self Defence. The mental training, physical discipline, and diverse techniques of First Taekwondo also provide for creating in the martial artist a sense of self-confidence, resilience, humility, compassion, and tenacity. It is this vigorous conditioning that separates the true martial artist from someone who has only mastered the physical characteristics of TaeKwonDo.

First taekwondo Perth Paul Duncraig WA
First Taekwondo Martial Arts Perth Adults Stretching

Other abilities that can be expected to be developed through dedicated practice under the supervision of an appointed First TaeKwonDo instructor are:


Benefits include:

  • Increased Fitness & Good Health

  • Advanced Flexibility

  • Greater Strength

  • Developed Co-ordination

  • Superior Balance

  • Improved Concentration & Mental Focus

  • Greater Self Discipline

  • Boosted Self Confidence

  • Better Manners / Social Etiquette

  • Enhanced Threat Assessment

  • Goal Setting and Achievement strategies

Martial Leg Stretch Martial Arts Albany First TaeKwonDo
First TKD Perth Grappling
First Martial Arts Taekwondo Perth BictonWA
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First Taekwondo Perth Boy Side Kick Board Break
Perth Taekwondo Hook Kick
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First Taekwondo Perth Black Belt Training
First Taekwondo Stretch March 2022 Lady Black Belts  Perth
Chief Instructor Dane Meade FirstTaekwondo Perth Western Australia
Bach Training Martial Arts Perth First TaeKwonDo
First Martial Arts Albany WA TaeKwonDo Warm Ups Planks
Mia Wu First Taekwondo Perth WA Tile Destruction
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