First Tae Kwon Do is a non-competitive, traditional martial art as such it extends further than just a system of Self Defence. The mental training, physical discipline and diverse techniques of First Taekwondo also provide for creating in the martial artist a sense of self-confidence, resilience, humility compassion and tenacity. It is this vigorous conditioning that separates the true martial artist from someone who has only mastered the physical characteristics of Taekwondo.

First Taekwondo Perth WA - Duncraig Dojang
First Taekwondo Perth - Black Belts

Other abilities that can be expected to be developed through dedicated practice under the supervision of an appointed First TaeKwonDo instructor are:


Benefits include:

  • Increased Fitness & Good Health

  • Advanced Flexibility

  • Greater Strength

  • Developed Co-ordination

  • Superior Balance

  • Improved Concentration & Mental Focus

  • Greater Self Discipline

  • Boosted Self Confidence

  • Better Manners / Social Etiquette

  • Enhanced Threat Assessment

  • Goal Setting and Achievement strategies

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