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Chief Instructor Dane Meade,  Master Vernon Low, FIRST TAEKWONDO PERTH WA 2016
First Taekwondo, Dane Meade, Michael Chew 2021
Dane Meade Flying Sidekick 1999 Taekwondo Perth Andrew Koch

WA Chief Instructor Dane Meade


Dane Meade commenced his TaeKwonDo training under Master Vernon Low in 1983 in Adelaide, South Australia, and actively trained at the Woodville, Port Adelaide, and Henley Beach branches. On his family’s move to Perth, Western Australia, he transferred his training to study under one of Perth’s most well-known and prominent TaeKwonDo instructors of the time, Senior Instructor Michael Chew.

In 1987, Instructor Dane Meade was promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt. He assisted Senior Instructor Chew with teaching classes at the Morley, Duncraig, Melville, and Midland branches. With his passion and dedication for the martial art, Instructor Dane Meade moved from teaching TaeKwonDo at the Morley SHS gym to opening the Beechboro branch in 1994 and continued to open many more training centres across Perth. In 2003, on the retirement of his Instructor, Michael Chew, Senior Instructor Dane Meade accepted the role of Perth Head Instructor.

In 2020, after 37 years of continuous and dedicated TaeKwonDo training, Chief Instructor Dane Meade was promoted to the rank of 5th Dan Black Belt by Master Instructor Vernon Low and the First TaeKwonDo Australia organisation – the first Western Australian Instructor to be promoted to this prominent rank.       

​Chief Instructor Dane's committed focus is to ensure that traditional martial art standards are not eroded and that respected, time-honoured benchmarks are upheld under his Western Australian leadership.

Dane Meade_Cheif Instructor-TaeKwonDo WA
Dane Meade, Taekwondo, Snap kick 1989 Taekwondo Perth .jpg
Vernon Low, Keenan Meade, Dane Meade, Tasih Meade, John O'Brien, First Taekwondo Perth, WA
Dane Meade First TaeKwonDo Perth Western Australia
Dane Meade Flying Side Kick 1987 Perth Martial Arts
Dane Meade TAEKWONDO Perth 6x tiles ridgehand strike
Taekwondo Perth WA, Dane Meade Flying SIde Kick Mullaloo Beach Training
First Taekwondo WA Dane Meade side kick 1989
Martial Arts Perth, Dane Meade 10x Chop Tile Break
Western Australian Senior Instructor

Our First Martial Arts Instructors' knowledge and commitment to empowering their students with self-confidence, fitness, self-discipline, and realistic self-defence skills is second-to-none.

Each of our Branch Instructors have decades (20, 30 or 40 continuous years) of TaeKwonDo training under their belts and have been personally appointed by Master Vernon Low; to ensure our students receive the highest standard of traditional martial arts training available in Western Australia.

Western Australian Branch 2IC Instructors
First Taekwondo Perth Branch Instructors 2022 Luncheon
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